Wow, it’s been a while! You  know how it goes when it’s all work and no play. I’ve been working alright, but missing my blog to. So let’s begin with an article I wrote for Mimik Magazine. No pictures from my hand though, credits go to Erwin Olaf. Let me introduce you to Joost van Bellen. Amsterdams […]

Trouw Amsterdam is more than a club. It breathes culture, creative exposure, intense and dynamic (electronic) music, futuristic productions and most of all, it’s one of the coolest places in town. Sadly the techno temple is coming to an end. On the 15th of January 2015 it will open its doors for the last time. […]

Conservatorium Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel in the centre of the Dam and has been a private heaven for numerous, wellknown international spotlighters. A friend invited us to have a delicious, 5-star meal and check out the very overwhelming architecture and scenery. Before 2011 the building was a music conservatory called Sweelinck. There are […]

My friend and colleague Mandy asked me to mix some records on her 30th birthday party. So of course I was in. I took off with my camera, tech-house cd’s and landed in Club Lite. An alternative club venue on the west side of Amsterdam. Here party’s are never just regular; chocolate party’s, non-speaking dance […]

Somewhere deep down in the Red Light District, there is a large empty two story brothel that we rented from the city of Amsterdam to premiere our exhibition. We, as in the Studio Mimik crew, showed contemporary art and controversial performances. I proudly worked as a production manager for this very naked and revealing event, […]

A few weeks ago I did the styling for EDM artist Brennan Heart. He was a pleasure to work for and rocked the outfits. Although he flies around the world every week to play in outspoken trendy places, he chose little old Amsterdam to do his photo-shoot and me to look after the fashion department. […]

This series is shot at Ultrasonic, a festival nearby Utrecht. Not really an Amsterdam based fest, but nevertheless I was working there for a Amsterdam based company, doing crew handling. As I was working here I shot some pictures of additional festival features. Not the crowds bobbing around on techno filled tunes, but people swinging, […]

My first photo series on my new blog! This series is commissioned by technical event producers The Good Guyz. The assignment was, to make a retro-like, cult photo series of their work, building festivals. People mostly take pictures of festivals on show days. Color, fun, party, entertainment. In this series I wanted to show the […]